Yesterday, after I came back from another lunch exploration (this time it was Indian food - eh), the office manager bounced over to my desk to deliver my copy of Time magazine. She also handed over four cards and said, "Who is stalking you from Oakland???"

Four funny, lovely, sweet birthday cards from Ben.

Later that night, I was watching "Truth or Dare" and trying to finish up a ten-page paper about the media's contributions to eating disorders through lackluster content and impossible imagery when it started pouring. I went downstairs and stood on the porch for a few minutes. It was the kind of warm rain (70 was the high yesterday) that smells so clean and unmistakably like spring.

I came back upstairs and noticed new mail in our collective bin. Eight more cards from Ben.

Made my night.

About an hour ago, Cathleen came to my room with another card from the boy. Should I be expecting 21 by the time the week is through? We'll see...

If anyone else wants to send my a teejaymas card, hit the contact page. You have until Sunday! Gimme gimme gimme.

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