Yesterday it was 88 degrees, today it is 58. What have we done to anger Mother Nature?

Another [unrelated] question: Why does the org bring me such joy? Honestly, I think that since it was one of the first online journal-esque sites I came acress, back in 1997 or early 1998, and since it's design has remained mostly the same, it provides a since of familiarity - something that will come in handy this summer.

To end this trilogy of randomata, I think I'm, buying the Eden's Crush CD today. I can't help myself, they're so talented! Seriously, yo, I refused to watch Making the Band and Popstars (and all other reality shows other than Real World, in protest), but I caught part of an MTV Popstars marathon, and I feel in love with the girls. In. Love. Plus, they sound way better live than on the single for "Get Over Yourself," which is no small feat.

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