Mom: What did you do this weekend?

TJ: Uh...a lot of drinking, I guess.

Ben and I went into the Mission with Beth and a couple of her friends on Friday night to bar hop. My night-long quest for a Buttery Nipple finally ended at our final bar, the Lexington, total lesbian bar. It was so insane, to the point where this guy who was macking on Ben while he waited for our drinks actually said, "Are you a guy or a girl?" Because you just could not tell there.

Saturday night was a birthday party at 111 Minna, immediately followed by Looq Hard. More drinking, mostly gross things like foreign beers and ... wine. But I succeeded in getting thoroughly drunk, drunk enough to dance for a good long while with Ben and even, after much begging, to jump up on the stage with him.

Brought it down a couple of levels yesterday, doing the domesticated thing. We bought glasses and a blender before hitting the supermarket (Safeway sucks ass). Then we had a picnic at the beach. Aren't you jealous? Well, don't be. It was really cold, really foggy and we forgot to bring towels. But, still, it could be 30 degrees and snowing and I'd still love being at the beach.

What's up for this week? More of this. Laying around, that is. I hear about one job tomorrow. No biggie either way. Also, Terri is flying in today to spend the summer in Palo Alto. I guess my departure was too much for her to handle... :) So, that's great. I'll have a little partner in crime this week while Ben's slaving away for the man.

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