My usual sick cycle lasts five days. On day one, I feel the beginnings of sniffles and start to panic, but still get a decent night's sleep. When I wake up on day two, I'm OK, but by dinner, I'm toast. Day three finds me at my headachy, congested, whiny worst. Day four shows slight improvement and by the end of day five, I'm almost 100 percent better.

Yesterday, though, I woke up and was fine. I even made breakfast in bed (improvising for the lack of syrup by using vanilla syrup, sugar and honey), but by the time we saw Legally Blonde (not as good as it's model, Clueless, but enjoyable), I was not happy. Bewtween dinner and bed I was pouting, storming around and talking about cutting my face off.

But, miraculously, after Ben found an Aleve Cold & Sinus pill, I peacefully fell asleep and have been mostly decongested ever since.

Freakish 12-hour cold or momentary calm before the storm?

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