Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 17:11:12 -0700
From: Tracy DeGroat <>
To: Ben <>
Subject: Re: oh

Ben, could you post this on my blog. Thanks.

Love you.

Notes from the Palm.

Crazy Places:
Versailles, OH
Brazil, IN
Paris, IL
Pocahontas, IL
Mexico, MO

Drinking in Ohio w/ Andrea and Paul. Spent way too much fucking money.

In PA, saw a retarded a siqn pointing out the highest elevation on route 80 east of the Mississippi.

Old Spaghetti Factory - St. Louis (and Oakland)

Nebraska and a lot of this part of the west is whiter than I thought. One Mexican dude. But lots of the gay in the cute Haymarket area.

75 mph in NE - because its barren.

Nebraska is so my favorite midwestern state now. The people are so cute. But once you get past Lincoln all of the towns seem to be built around the interstate. Fast food nation, yo.

There are so many insect carcasses on the windshield, mirrors and front of the car, it's unbelievable. Red splotches, too. Who knew insects had real red blood?

Preserving open space is such a hot-button issue in N.J., but it's amazing how open the West is.

It's definitely better visiting a place if you have family or friends.

Colorado - scary latin with an insane mullet. Denver is a pretty big city, but it is surrounded by so much open space. Colorado is so cool because the topography is so varied. We saw corn and wheat fields, huge mountains, the red rocks, the New Mexico-like rocks in the Garden of the Gods and even lush forrest.

My uncle lives in a gorgeous open house on a hill overlooking the little main street in Morrison. You can see the Red Rocks from his deck - gorgeous. We hiked there this morning and it was overwhelming.

One guy at my Uncle's bbq had the tightest jeans I've ever seen. You could see everything. Seriously looked like a roll of quarters.

OMG - first traffic in five days here in desolate New Mexico. A truck towing a Uhaul-type trailor bit the big one - personal belonginqs all over the road.

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