Man…San Francisco’s public transportation system, MUNI, is really easy to master and convenient, but boy, in terms of people, it’s usually a total freak show.

Today was my weirdest MUNI day ever – There were the usual scary homeless, but that was nothing compared to the 35-40 sixth graders who burst onto the bus at the 9thy and Irving stop. All of these out-of-towners and their chaperones were crammed onto the N-Judah, shrieking every time we went down a hill and whenever someone, inevitably, farted.

After I climbed over 7,000 people to get off at Church St., I got on the 22, where instead of filling in the open spaces, a group of five obnoxious woman decided to thoroughly invade my space. I was sandwiched between two of them when an ancient, ancient man came up to me and said, “You know what the difference is between a dog and a fox? …. Four or five drinks!”


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