I'm totally digging music from Lori of Real World 10 (New York). I checked out the website of the a cappella group she was in at Boston College, and she is definitely the best female soloist in the group. A cappella is weird because the songs are usually amazing and technically difficult, but the soloists are, more often than not, mediocre. Anyway, there are clips of her a cappella stuff here - she solos on "As Yet Untitled" - and there are also two regular songs featuring her on this site.

Also, I finally found the second song BT produced for Britney Spears here. "Before the Goodbye" is probably one of my favorite songs by any artist, but the second BT track is good, too. Neither made it onto the American version of her CD because of squabbles between BT and Jive Records (story is that Jive wanted changes and BT was not into them telling him what to do). I sort of wish she had stayed with the techo-pop sound of these two tracks rather than the R&B style of the rest of her CD, but oh well.

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