Soul mate?

1. I thought I was the only person on Earth who thought "Ghost World" was overrated. And the chick who plays the best friend, who was praised in this and "The Man Who Wasn't There" drives me crazy. There's only so much monotone I can take before going rabid.

2. "I'm the One That I Want," which I saw live at Rutgers, was phenomenal. "Notorious C.H.O." which I saw live in SF (jealous?) was even better. And props for the awesome titles.

3. "Vanilla Sky" should not have been overlooked as it was. Perhaps it's because it was a remake of such a recent movie. But I thought it was better than the Spanish version and I thought Tom Cruise did a fine job. Cameron Diaz was a raving bitch and amazing at it. And, yes, Penelope Cruz *was* great. She is off to a slow start in English-language films, but don't overlook her. Check it "Blow" and "All About My Mother" for proof that she's the real thing. And the accent is adorable. Hush now.

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