Ben and I looked at a kick-ass apartment today. Ben's the only one moving now, but if we do decide to live together it will be sometime during the next year, so I've been sort of extra interested in his new place.

Anyway, this is a one-bedroom flat in a 12-unit building that looks more like a house than a gross apartment building. Everything about it is pretty much perfect. It's on Dolores St., which I love, right across the street from the top of Dolores Park, where I play tennis every week. It's pretty spacious, newly painted and clean, but it's not a charmless new unit, it's got a lot of Edwardian features and hardwood floors (Looked at another really nice place off of Castro St., but it was carpeted and looked like a condo). Also, there is a very cool roof deck and the entry are is pretty cute.

Yay. And the landlord called him just now and said the place is Ben's.

Perfect. Walking out the door in the morning and seeing Dolores Park - nothing could be better.

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