So, I guess you're right (you little bitch), someone who reads this blog is likely to think that all I do is watch TV. That's not true! Although now that cable is back, I have been spending more time than usual glued to Food Network and TLC. I finally watched Trading Spaces for the first time. I stayed away because there was so much hype, but now I've fallen prey to its charm. I love it. There are several design ideas floating around in my head because of those crazy kids now...

I actually do other things. I could tell you about my recent travels - to the faux Western town in Old Sacramento or up the coastal highway to Bodega Bay and through the woods to Guerneville. But that's way boring compared to the finale of American Idol, which you know I'll be watching, laying on my bed, screaming when someone hits a flat note or jumping up and down when Kelly belts out a high one.

Yeah, man. I went for seven months or so with just 5 channels. I deserve to fall asleep to a re-re-repeat of the VMAs, to wake up to A Makeover Story.


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