Dude, I didn't know Trey and Kendal were siblings! Crazy! When I left the land of the unemployed (freelancer, unemployed goon, big diff) he was just a psycho beast making whatsherface's life with the whatchmacallits awful.

So, yeah. No more AMC for me. Actually, I only fell into that trap because we had no cable until, oh, June or so? Anyway, I'm free.

But I guess I'm not. I'm trapped in the 9-5 world again, only I can get away with 10-ish to 5-ish, which is nice. The past month has been all about work, at a medical center of all places. Candice hooked me up - yes, we're in the same office once again, in different but related jobs. We're actually working in the transplant department, which is insane and interesting all at once.

What else? Ben moved to a new apartment across the street from Dolores Park. Very, very cool. I've continued my obsession with Trading Spaces and all things related to home improvement - although I've been sticking to improvements made by purchasing lovely little things.

It's all about the things. And now that I have a consistent paycheck, I can buy lots of them.

Whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously never had any. There's a smile on this face...

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