Well, last night was definitely forshadowing... I just got to work at 11. I left my house at 8:50, though. How can that be? Well, let me tell ya...

So, I took the 9 bus up to Van Ness because I've been taking that mofo of a shuttle. When the 9:15 shuttle wasn't there by 9:20, the people I was waiting with remarked, "The traffic must be a nightmare." Ten minutes later we found out the traffic lights around Market and Van Ness were out. They fled, but I was determined to get on that shuttle, so they left a package with me that I was supposed to leave with the driver. But when 9:45 hit and that shuttle was MIA, I realized this was a lost cause.

So I had to bust a bitch up to the CPMC offices in the BofA building. Sixth floor, seventh, eighth? I didn't remember so I went to all of them. I got rid of the package and went to the Van Ness subway station, planning to take the N Judah to Duboce Park and walk up to Davies to grab that shuttle, but the fucking station was closed. Flooding. It was not even raining at that point.

Then I was off to Civic Center to try to grab the Bart shuttle, but I just missed it. Like, I watched it drive away. And after waiting another 10 minutes I remembered that the Bart shuttle stops running during mid-morning. I called a co-worked and, sure enough, I had missed the last shuttle. As a homeless man walked passed me signing, "Eat a dick, eat a dick," I lowered my head and trudged down into the subway station to wait for the N (but only after mistakenly going down into BART).

I finally got to Duboce and up the hill to Davies in time to grab the 10:45 shuttle. Two hours after I left my house I was here, at work, at an office that's probably three or four miles from my apartment.

More evidence for why I should never have to leave the house when it's raining or snowing. No good comes of it!

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