I’ve had this intense desire to spend money lately. So yesterday I made my second trip of the (long) weekend down to Union Square to hit Old Navy’s crazy clearance floor, buy new sneakers for tennis and check out the latest offerings at one of my new favorites, The Container Store. As I was riding the J-Church back to my new apartment (Aside: Oh yeah, Ben and I live together now in a cute place across from Dolores Park. It’s not a big deal.), with bags taking up the seat to my side, I stared blankly out of the dirty windows, my eyes settling on a homeless man in dirty, and I mean soiled, clothes. Like, I couldn’t smell him but I knew he smelled, if that makes sense.

Anyway, here is this dirty old homeless man in ratty clothes, and what do I see him pull out of his little plastic shopping bag? An ODWALLA! Odwalla! That shit is expensive. I don’t even buy those delightful concoctions and I am getting paid. I truly hope that man stole someone’s groceries, because spending money on an Odwalla Fruit Smoothie is not smart.


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