I'll be incredibly pissed off if I can't get to work tomorrow. Protesters plan on fucking shit up all over the city.

I really respect people's right to free speech and expression and all that, but acting like five-year-olds throwing themselves on the ground, kicking and screaming until they get their way? Not so cool. Protest. Assemble. March. But not at 6 p.m., without permits, when I'm trying to drive home. Don't block off major intersections when people who need to make a living are trying to get to work. That's completely disgusting.

There are a million reasons to love living in San Francisco, but the civil disobedience that's expected to take place tomorrow is not one of them. People who storm office buildings, throw rocks at stores and try to shut down public transportation are not anti-war. They're idiots. And they're doing a ton of damage to their cause. Who's going to take you seriously?

Want to be taken seriously? Write a well-researched letter to the editor. Study the issues so you can make intelligent points when the camera is on you instead of lamely yelling that Bush is an asshole. And maybe, just maybe, rock the vote.

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