I had a teeth cleaning today - it was my second dentist appt. in two days. yesterday as I was leaving after the first visit (x-rays, awful bite-downs, adorable young dentist), the woman went to schedule me a cleaning and while the usual wait is TWO MONTHS, she had one open up today, so I grabbed it.

Anyway, the dental hygenist who used the pick-axe to hack away at my teeth had, predictably, totally fucked up teeth. Physician, heal thyself! Seriously, it's like when you go to the hair dresser (or Supercuts, in my case), and the stylist has insane blue hair. Like, what is she going to do to ME?

So I'm going back again next Monday. I have two months left at my medical center (aka insured) job and $1,000 dental ceiling for the year, so I'm gonna try to squeeze in as much as possible.

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