this weekend my computer's hard drive DIED. my two-month-old laptop. the hard drive is totally gone. ben spent hours trying to fix it yesterday. and since evrything from my old desktop had been moved over to the laptop, my entire life from sept 2001 until now is GONE. just a few days before my birthday and a day before my first USA Weekend story is due to a super nice editor i'm dying to impress.

luckily, i have a ton of stuff online and on my work computer, i.e. most of my story, my new resume, cover letter template, targum stuff, but still, like 90% of my email is gone, random word docs filled with stuff, old resumes, BLAH.

add to that the fact that this is the grossest weather week SF has seen in months, with rain predicted for almost every day, just in time for my mom's visit.

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