When my mom moved to Colorado and I had to figure out what I wanted to keep with me and what could go with them, I threw out three tubs of stuff -- papers, books, freaking stuffed animals. Then, when Lauren and I moved out of our apartment in Highland Park, we literally filled up the dumpster behind our building. This weekend, I'm moving most of my stuff to California and I'm about to dump my second tub of stuff into this dumpster. What is all this crap I've been holding on to? I mean, I'm still keeping old report cards (to beat myself up about how lazy I was in college), my college acceptance letters (and even my one rejection letter -- damn you, Northwestern!) and myriad mementos. I really can't believe that after one year and two previous downsizings, I still have so much ... crap.

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(... and given that the Code Pink truck is going to be exploded by the right-wing ... )