Imogen Heap really impressed me. I saw her last night at the Great American Music Hall and, boy, could she kick it live. When I saw the piano and laptop I figured she would do some solo numbers and then rely on the laptop for the more developed songs in her set, but she had a host of cool gadgets she used to create loops, layer her voice and throw down some beats (she also played an entire song on a thumb piano). Very impressive.

Also impressive was the opening act, Zoe Keating, who played cello through a sampler to create full songs. But after a while ... the word is soporific (four years of high school Latin - represent!).

My one problem with Imogen was the closing number. People should almost always end with an up-tempo song, I think, but it seems like encores always start with a fast song and end on a (relative) downer. That slight transgression was balanced, though, by her encore disclaimer. Finally a performer who actually says, "This is my last song," while make air quotes and then explaining that she will leave, we will beg for more and she will happily oblige.

Also, saw Ernie for a second (I think) but couldn't make my way over. And Ben was trying to haul ass after it ended.

I leave him and you with two words: Glow stick.

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