Pros and cons of working from home (Day 1):

+ Working in my own set-up next to a window in a room with tons of natural light beats sitting in a cluster of identical desks under fluorescent lights.

+ Stealing 45 seconds here and there to throw a loady of laundry into the washing machine.

- Ready to work by 7:30 a.m. because company is based in NJ.

+ Non-existant commute.

+ Can listen to music without destroying ears with cheap iPod headphones.

+ Speakerphone is actually usable, unlike in an office where it annoys everyone.

- No free coffee.

- No coworkers to go to lunch with.

+ Lunch can include a quick trip to the grocery store, use of the stove, etc.

+ No one sees you roll your eyes or yawn during meetings.

+ It's always casual Friday at home.

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