Wowza. The last five minutes of Gilmore Girls: Classic. BUT, if Rory is preggers, I will seriously question my loyalty to the show. A little tip: If you're going to go with a cliched story line, make Logan gay. That would be much more enjoyable for me. YaknowI'msayin'?


Psionicdotnu said...

A cliched storyline? How about Logan dies. Seriously. He's obnoxious and superior. Other than that, superb episode. I'm onboard the "Rory better not be pregnant" boat, too.

TJ said...

Come on, Logan is hot in a mini-man sort of way. I was gonna write all this shit about him challening Rory and making her stronger, but then I realized these AREN'T REAL PEOPLE and I should just get a life.