Answers to questions I've been asked lately:

1. A tenor. Really, a baritone, but that's usually not an option.

2. Pretty good, actually. I mean, every once in a while I gag a little bit when I think about certain things, but other than that, everything's great, all things considered.

3. I'm still kind of ambivalent. Things have gotten a little more interesting in the last few days, but I'm still not sure. If nothing else, I've got a new good friend, you know?

4. Ugh. Same as seven months ago, when I made the big decision. It goes from being a total nightmare to great to OK. But would anything else be any better?

5. Me? I'm not a bitch, YOU'RE a bitch, bitch.


MattyMatt said...

...which is kind of confusing, since the question in all five cases was, "would you please pass the jelly?"

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