Pantoll Hike

Sausalito, Tiburon, East Bay
Originally uploaded by tjdee.
A true comedy of errors. First, we went to a spot in Ross that had a crazy small parking lot, so we headed south toward Mt. Tam. The second spot was lovely, but a 4.4-mile hike turned into a 7- or 8-mile trip complete with 3 miles of wrong turns and uphill backtracking. We made bad decisions to the very end. By the time we reached the car, my feet were dead, my calves were tight and as soon as I sat down in the car my stomach went crazy. I was "hecka" naseous all the way. After an hour in a coma, I got up and was fine, but I was quite worried for a while.

Lessons learned: Always buy the map, always have a backup and never go more than 6 miles or so.


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