A couple of months ago I did something truly crazy: I bought pre-ripped designer jeans.

Here's the thing. When I shop, I don't like to buy just one thing. I feel like if there's not more than one item I covet, I shouldn't whip out my check card. So I was at Macy's and I finally found a denim jacket, something I'd been looking for for ages (and subsequently have decided is not that great -- boo), but I couldn't find anything else I wanted ... until I strolled into the super trendy young men's section and spotted 65 percent-off jeans. The only problem: the holes! Still, I bought them, mostly so I could get the jacket. And I'll tell you something: Holy jeans are really nice on hot days like today. A nice breeze up your drawers will cool ya down. For reals.

Also, on a related note, I never thought I'd be a flip-flop person, but I totally am becoming one. Look what California is doing to me.

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