I'm in Colorado, visiting the fam. On the drive from the airport, I learned that a man broke into my uncle's house. When he and his wife went downstairs at 2 a.m. to investigate a noise, they found a middle-aged man just standing, frozen, in the middle of the living room. They freaked, screaming at him and ordering him to leave. He just stood there. CREEPY.

My uncle finally dragged him out of the house and he ran to a car. The next day they found out that he'd done the same thing to some neighbors. It turns out that the guy's wife recently left him, setting him off. Now totally bonkers, he breaks into people's houses looking for her. CREEPY.

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lauren said...

Even more creepy? The thought that any one of us has the potential to go completely nuts like that. Who knows how many of us aren't wired correctly? Maybe all it would take is one beyond-comprehension life experience and boom! I'll be the one on a treasure hunt for my ex-boyfriend in some unsuspecting family's living room. (Sorry, neighbors!)