Twenty-one years of my life were spent just outside of Manhattan and the only celebrity I saw was Matthew Broderick, outside the theater where "How To Succeed In Business..." was playing. (My friend's mom had taken us to see "Les Miz" and when she realized the dude in full-on cycling attire stepping through the door was Broderick, this middle-aged woman screamed: "We love you Ferris!"

Anyway, 21 years with just the one sighting, but within an hour of being in NYC I've not only seen Brad Gilbert (a former top tennis player, Andre Agassi's former coach and current coach of Scotland's Andy Murray) but I'm currently sitting at the table next to him, totally eavesdropping (hee hee, he said "fuck"). And trying desperately to get a cameraphone photo without being totally obvious. Alas, I think I'm too close to him to snap that pitcha.

Edit: Brad just said "morning" to someone who walked in looking all sporty. Perhaps a player or coach? I'll try to get a better look. This is ace reporter TJD signing off.