GUBA cosponsored the first Vloggies, which went off with a few hitches but also a few fun surprises last night in SF. Among them: the attendance of uberfamous director/writing/producer Jerry Zucker. I whipped out my camera in time to capture his remarks:


lauren said...

The Vloggies (with or without Jerry Zucker) are cool and all, but don't be thinkin' you can get away with posting DUPLICATE BLOGS on GUBA and Vignette ... your readers will not tolerate such blatant slackage!!!

Disgruntled BFF
Allendale, NJ

Anonymous said...


lauren said...

someone calls me a "betch" and doesn't leave his or her name?

i'm okay with being a bitch; are you okay with being a pussy?


p.s. that wink only stands if the anonymous commentor was TJ in disguise.