Kathy Griffin talks so much more smack live than on TV; it's amazing. Among the celebrities she dished on last night at the Warfield:

Star Jones - Upon being canned from "The View" she apparently told Barbara Walters, "I don't care who replaces me as long as it's not Kathy or Rosie."

Star's gay husband, Al - "He is so gay when he walks by you hear snapping."

Ryan Seacrest - "Tell that bitch he can suck it."

Clay Gaiken - "I don't know if he's gay. But I know he likes to sing Celine songs. And he likes cock."

Michael Richards - "If I were him I'd get my ass into rehab so fast. I don't care if there's no drug or alcohol problem. Make something up and get to rehab!"

She even took on Critical Mass and the crazy homeless people in SF. And she was on for a super long time - almost two hours nonstop. Kick-ass performer.

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