(Let's pretend it's 2000, shall we?)

After a long and seemingly unproductive day at work I went to a tech event thrown by the French Trade Office. The last one attracted 150 people, but 45 minutes into this one, when I walked in, about 10 people were milling about a large space near the new mall. It was bizarre and, frankly, a little smelly (cliche, I know, but really...).

After a short visit, I left with a new contact and Adriana for the St. Regis hotel, where we chatted over drinks and a cheese plate. Then, as I headed to BART to begin the increasingly annoying journey home, I realized that Stephen was working nearby, so I went to say hello. I didn't see him on the floor -- I figured he was in the back but I didn't want to be a 16-year-old and ask if he was there. I was about to leave but my mom called, which rarely happens on a weekday. I decided to stick around since I couldn't head to BART while talking. Just as I was telling mom where I was and that I hadn't seen Stephen he appeared! And, hey, he was just about to take his break.

So yay. Free coffee and conversation before heading to the East Bay.

But my good fortune didn't last. I missed the train by just a few minutes once again. How fucking annoying. WHY GOD, WHY?!

(We will now return to a series of totally impersonal entries consisting nearly entirely of embedded videos and photos.)

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