Weird Week

Green Screen!
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On Thursday I wound up riding BART for 20 minutes without realizing I was sitting right next to Ben. "I never run into people on BART!" I exclaimed when we finally spotted each other while getting off the train.

On Saturday I was at an ATM on Market St. when Greg slid next to me and tapped me on the shoulder. "So weird," I told him. "I just had another random encounter with a friend."

This morning I couldn't bear getting up at 8:30 (poor me, right?) so I slept in a half hour and took the later train. As I was reading Details I felt some asshole kick my foot. I looked up to give a deathglare and the asshole with the lovely Angelique, whom I met in November and hung out with a few times (including at PodcampWest, where this picture was taken) before she headed home to Puerto Rico. Turns out she's been living a mile from me in Berkeley for the past month. Yay!

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