I often say things solely to shock people. When it comes to Kathleen, though, the game reaches another level. For example, today I was only slightly bothered by my Peet's coffee (I don't understand why the line is always out the door; that coffee is not good). Yet instead of telling Kathleen my coffee was gross, I said, "My coffee tastes like [name removed]'s taint smells." Totally unnecessary, but we both love it. My day isn't complete until Kathleen calls me a "sick fuck." And vice-versa.

Jesús gets loud when he's drunk. He doesn't realize this. And he'll argue with me when I point out that he's being loud. That causes him to become even louder. I think it's cute. It makes me chuckle, which prompts him to sheepishly half-smile and ask why I'm laughing at him (or sometimes, "Por qué te ries de mí?"). I think that's cute, too.

I'm currently obsessed with Jesse & Joy, a brother-and-sister duo from Mexico City whose single "Yo No Quiero" I heard on the radio nonstop when I was in Ensenada (made my poor mom listen to the local radio during our drives). I recently heard another of their songs on the Premios MTV. Apparently Joy's English is perfect and the group has put out an English-language version of "Espacio Sideral." Can't wait til I hear the studio version.

And now, a[n explicit] video:

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