Few things went as planned this morning. I headed out of the hostal at a few minutes before 9 and walked toward Kilómetro Cero, where I was supposed to meet my first ever intercambio partner. Halfway there I realized something: When she said to meet at 9, she probably meant 9 at night. I waited in the freezing cold for 20 minutes anyway and sure enough she never show up. 9 tonight it is. (Duh - 9 is pre-dinner here, of course she meant 9 at night).

While chilling in the room I saw on Telemadrid that the famous writer, director and actor Fernando Fernán Gómez (best known internationally for Belle Epoque) had died and the Teatro Real was holding a special memorial for him in just a few minutes. I thought about heading over there but decided against it. Turns out, the Teatro Real is literally around the corner from the hostal and I inadvertently walked right toward the swarm of TV cameras and interviewers.

Since then I´ve been relaxing in the Parque del Buen Retiro dining at the counter of the Corte Inglés (albóndigas, not bad). And now I´m all over Flickr - although it´s taking forever to upload stuff here. Descriptions probably won´t be done until I return, but enjoy the images.