New Year's Eve is a strange day. For a lot of people, it's a nuisance. There's so much build-up, so much money spent on outfits and party tickets, so much stress related to planning, getting friends with different opinions to come together. And in the end, usually, it's a disappointing evening that leaves you exhausted and dreading that return to the office on January 2.

I think everyone experiences that one perfect NYE. I had mine in Chico, Calif., of all places. I think/hope I also got my worst NYE out of the way. In a way, I'm thankful to have experienced NYE of 2005 because it takes the pressure off of future December 31sts. Last year, for example, was spent with one new friend and two of her pals, having burgers at a great diner, toasting at a Korean dive bar and relaxing at a pub before taking a bus back to her apartment. It was pretty typical for NYE: maybe one too many drinks, one too many $20 bills spent and, sadly, no kiss. But compared with the previous year's insanity, it was, well, lovely.

All that said, I am very much looking forward to this NYE. After talking about possible trips to Vegas and Cabo, I've settled on NYC. Jesús is coming with me, so I'll have someone to kiss, and I get to introduce him to some of the most important people in my life (something he's as excited as me about). I'm quite certain NYE of 2007 won't be ordinary or lackluster, but even if it is, you better believe I'll take it over the alternative.

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Lauren said...

I’m psyching myself up now for the inevitable champagne-inspired daze in which I’ll tell you approximately ten times how much I love and miss you and think we could really be famous if we write a screenplay right now. It’s adorable and not at all infuriating or pathetic (ahem).