Ay, |qué fatal! Mis últimas horas en Madrid han llegado...

The last day! I woke up later than I wanted to, but it´s been jam-packed full of fun. Walking through Retiro and enjoying the perfect daytime weather, finding more photo inspiration, hitting the Corte Inglés one last time for some turrones to bring home and some albóndigas to inhale, another impressive museum (the Thyssen), the nicest sunset I´ve experienced since I´ve been here, one last batch of churros (just enough this time), a string quartet that sounded like a CD and hippies jamming by the lake. To name a few. I also learned yet another lesson about cómo se hace en Madrid, this time en cuanto a los números de los edificios. Fair enough.

Today´s been great but last night was kinda ... horrific. My intercambio had an insane accent. Born and raised in Madrid but I seriously couldn´t understand 50% of what he said. He was a low-talker, a mumbler and had the aforementioned ridiculous accent that prevented him from pronouncing half of the sounds in the Spanish language. Joderrrrrr. But still, I got to hit up some of the Santa Ana Plaza tapas bars and a few of the spots in Chueca I had not visited. So, worth it, overall. Yes? Yes.

Tomorrow morning my flight leaves at 11 a.m. I get back to SF at 9:30 p.m. local time. There is a 9-hour time difference. That is one long day of travelling.

Como se dice en España, OOF.