Ya Voté
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I'm not one of those hysterical foolios who threaten to leave the country if things don't go his or her way on Election Day, but I really don't know how optimistic I'll be about the future of this once-great nation if the GOP takes this thing next week. I mean, I'm a fairly negative person in the first place. But Obamania has hit me and, while I realize that the enormous challenges awaiting the next president will knock down most of the super-exciting plans Sen. Obama has enticed us enlightened ones with, I remain awfully impressed by him and hopeful about what he will be able to do in office, even early on.

This seems to be the most winnable election of the three presidential contests in my adulthood. But I'm still worried. I never, not even for a moment, thought Bush would take the White House in 2000. I thought his stolen four years in office -- during which he threw us into an illegal war, appointed evil friends to high-level positions and committed one forehead-slapping error after another -- would prevent another term. But somehow, despite having two qualified, interesting and, yes, exciting Democratic contenders (Dean was screwed unfairly by the media and Kerry was inaccurately branded boring, as if that mattered at all), here we are, anxiously anticipating the departure of one of the country's worst chief executives.

McCain has done everything wrong. Palin is a nightmare. Bush is an unpopular as ever. Yet the contest isn't a slam-dunk.

And let's not even start on Prop 8.

So, I don't know. I'm hopeful that Nov. 4 will be a joyful night. I really am. But I'm trying to remain rooted and cognizant of the potential for some disappointments. All I know is I did my part this afternoon, joining dozens of other early voters at the Alameda County Courthouse. And come Election Day, I hope to be able to shout "suck it" (via my TV screen) to the brainwashed McCain and the haters who have lied to and tricked Californians in an effort to discriminate via our state Constitution.

Vote! ¡Voten!

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