Summer/fall of 2001: Book it to the Bay Area. Summer/fall of 2003: Back to NJ. Summer/fall of 2005: Another cross-country move. Summer/fall of 2007 seemed to break the cycle, but a year later I was planning another escape of sorts. A mini-escape, but enough to shake things up and feed the wanderlust the seems to overtake me every couple of years.

Thanks to the relative location-independence of my specific job, I proposed (and was approved for) a 9-week stay in Mexico City, where I will take Spanish classes and work remotely, all in the cute, hip neighborhood (and, in fact, at the same lovely house) I stayed in during my 2007 visit. In the middle of the trip, Jesús will come down and we'll explore a beach town (Acapulco, most likely) and one or two of the colonial cities in Central Mexico (probably Guanajuato, possibly San Miguel de Allende). But the real purpose is just to keep working toward 100% fluency. And to be able to do that while still working for a rad company is a big win.

The trip will come in the beginning of February. There's plenty to do before then. I'm peacing out of my current place in Berkeley -- after three years !!! -- at the end of December, kickin' it in SF at J's (tiny) apartment for January, heading south until the second week of April and coming back here, where J and I will figure out what makes sense moving forward.

The trip is one of the reasons this blog still exists. Being in such an insane and exciting city for so long will, I'm sure, provide great blog fodder. And if not, read his stuff instead.

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