Jesús ripped into me a little bit last night for not responding to him in Spanish when he was talking to me en español (I do believe the word coño was used once or twice). Sigh. I continue to sabotage myself because of my flat-out refusal to allow myself to make mistakes in front of people I'm close to.

I think he's worried I'll shy away from opportunities to charlar while in Mexico, but I don't hesitate when dealing with other people, especially in other settings. The one potential pitfall will be when talking to Jorge, the guy who runs the guesthouse where I'll be staying. His English is excellent and I can imagine myself taking the path of least resistance. However, I have kept all of our back-and-forth emails regarding the trip Spanish-only (as I've done w/ the language school). Additionally, I think spending every weekday morning in Spanish-conversation classes will quickly elevate my confidence and comfort -- and just get my brain to begin operating in Spanish each day, so hopefully I'll default into Spanish w/ any bilingual folks I encounter without thinking about it.


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