Día de San Valentín
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Well, I'm here by myself on Valentine's Day, working 12 hours no less, but despite this, the trip has been great so far. There are frustrating moments, for sure, but overall it's been wonderful -- challenging without being overwhelming.

Balancing classes and work this week has been a bit tough, but that's only really a problem toward the end of the week. Classes in general have been really helpful. Because I was the only advanced student around this week, I had one-on-one time with my teacher, who was able to really home in on my -- gasp -- weaknesses. They're really any advanced-learner's weaknesses: the subjunctive, the conditional and, to a lesser degree, ser vs. estar.

It was definitely a little crazy not having anyone else in the classroom to take the pressure off, but the time has really helped me come to a better understanding about some fundamentals and it also has forced me to become better at making mistakes and moving on without getting too bent out of shape. I'm excited to continue next week and then to switch it up with another teacher for the third and fourth weeks (a great idea of theirs).

As for tomorrow: work, of course, but I think I'm going to make it my pre-Digg Sunday tradition to walk through Condesa to Chapultepec and then meander over to Polanco for some of that ridiculous gelato. No tengan celos, cabrones.

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