I whipped out my iPhone a few seconds too late to catch this, but I was struck by the scene and how typically Mexican it was: a vendedor selling nuts or something and an acordeonista crossing paths and chatting, perhaps checking in re: how business had been that afternoon.

And me? I was sitting outside Frutos Prohibidos, enjoying a freshly squeezed orange juice on a cool -- but not cold -- day, eavesdropping. Oh, and the juice was about $1 (15 pesos). The U.S. economy may be as depressing as a Noah Baumbach film, but the dollar reached a record high against the peso this week (about 14.6, compared with the 11.2 or so when I was here in 2007).

Good news para mí, who spent $2.50 on toast, coffee and juice the other day. Although, to my utter shame, I did have some trouble with the money conversion and somehow thought my 1 peso tip was appropriate. My first, but not last, faux pas while here, I'm sure. I guess I was confusing dollars and pesos. Must go back to that little spot soon and leave the waitress a more appropriate propina.