So, this is my first attempt at blogging. I spent hours designing a kick-ass page, but it looked completely distorted on Netscape and I didn't have the patience to keep working on it, so I scrapped the whole thing. Very mature, but I like this better. It's more simple, a lot cleaner. Woo, I love me some blogger!

Literally for months I had been admiring Rebekah's blog and desperately trying to figure out how she was able to update so easily and frequently. When she mentioned blogger about a month ago I decided to create my own to replace to the main page, which had been bothering me. I mean, the strip of faces was making me sick. Then Tim created his amazing, well-designed blog and TJ got jealous. Someone beat me to it! (Um, tons of people beat me to it, but I'm talking about people withint my little circle of links.) But I'm over that. This is my blog. Love it. Live it. Breathe it.