I always change my mind about presents. Without fail. So, it was no surprise to my mother tonight when, as we pulled into the parking lot at Paramus Park mall, I said, "Maybe I don't want a bike anymore."

Instead, she paid for the (expensive) webcam I got at CompUSA (look out for live TJ, ha!) and bought me a cool Fossil watch, as well as clothes from the Gap. After we had made all the purchases I found a perfect black leather jacket for only $99!!!!! I was ready to return the watch because this was such a great deal, but the shitty thing about buying things offseason is that you have to wait 6 months to use them. But, I think my mom is going to go back to buy it to save for Christmas, which would be awesome.

Birthdays are fun, especially for materialistic people like me (hey, you are too, at least i admit it). :) And tomorrow is Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. Joy.

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