Right now it's 34 degrees and it has been snowing all morning. Um, it's April! Yesterday was 70 degrees and gorgeous. Another sign of the apocalypse?

The beautiful weather was only one of the reasons way yesterday was so kick-ass. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway with Lauren and her family. It was amazing. I never cared for the movie or even the music, but I am in love with this show. Maya Days, who I saw as Mimi in Rent, was a great Mary and to my utter delight, Tony Vincent went on as Judas, making me love that role for the first time. Tony is incredible. I also saw him in Rent, as Mark, and I feel in love with his voice. Spectacular! I can't even find the adjective. But, now I'm obsessed with him...in a good Britney kind of way.

So, family birthday time (I so don't want the cake they got...it feels wrong to have singing/cake time a week before my birthday) this afternoon and then I'm off to NB.

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