I had a great day!

Um, Latin American Woman was fun, and I ran into Marchel, from my old a cappella group, outside of the building. I gave her my number so we can get together this summer. Spanish was awesome: Boris is the bomb and still didn't really talk about the award he won in Spain, and I got a 97 on my last paper. He wrote "Two thumbs up!" in English. Ha! It's only cute if you have heard him speak. I went from 82 to 94 to 95 to 97, which is great since it's consistent improvement. (hmmm, I feel like Laurie talking about grades and shit) But yay! So, yeah, Spanish rules. He thinks my writing style is great and when the grammar is perfected I will be coasting. And that means a lot coming from someone with his knowledge and writing skills. He might be my Melissa, eh Andrea? But not really.

Then there was the concert on Cook. I met Nicole and Dennis, then met Jes at the field. While I was talking to them Leslie ran up to me. That's bizarre because I haven't seen the girl (who I had that crush on last year) in months. I randomly called her yesterday, though, to invite her to my party. So, anyway, she ran up and we caught up, traded hellish school stories for a while. Then there was the adorable Juliana Hatfield, who makes Calista Flockhart look pretty chunky. That didn't take away from her kick-ass performance though. Sh eplayed Big Sister and Spin the Bottle, which apparently she vowed not to play some time ago.

So, journal? What journal?

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