I totally forgot the New Jersey Press Association was today. Yikes. I had to go because I won some awards, but I also had class and a paper was due. I actually took the responsible route and got my paper over to my prof.'s office before I left, and then drove to the really scary Dow Jones Building on route 1. Getting awards was fun but, again, I realized how dorky journalists are. Also, this guy from Dow Jones Interactive basically sat down at the Targum table and offered us all jobs in the company, a start up that will go IPO within a few months. Since I'm online editor he really pressed me. But when I told him I was only a sophomore he calmed down. He didn't go to any other tables though....the power of the Targum.

Came home and finally registered. I have lame classes. Everything I want to take is M/W at 2:40 next semester. I'm nto even kidding. So I'm stuck with these classes (including my first ever recitation! ah!):

Writing and editting for print
Mass communication and the American image
Literature of Spain
Computer Science and Applications
Intro. to Music Theory

Decent considering how late I had to register, and I continue my streak of no Friday classes and no classes before 1. Eh.

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