I fell asleep at 10:30 last night. When I woke up and listened to my messages I heard Jes say, "It's Saturday at midnight, I guess you have a life, so you're out." So untrue :) I'm very much in my summertime-antisocial-self-imposed exile state of mind.

Oh, can I just mention that Monica Seles won the Italian Open. Oh, yeah, love to love her baby. It's much easier to be someone's fan when they aren't sucking it up. She defeated Amelie Mauresmo, a really hard-hitting player, in the final. That's cool because Seles needs to start dominating the big hitters like the Williams sisters again. Seles also defeated Dokic, who took out Venus Williams, so that's a solid win. She should be #3 in the rankings next week. Bring on the next grand slam.

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