I had my first bad hair-dye experience today. My hair is at that half-brown/half-blonde stage, so I bleached it today with weird maxi-blonde or something. I had never used it but I never do strand tests or look at instructions for very long. Anyway, I put it in my hair, and it just felt gross. Then my entire scalp started to itch, a lot. I walked through the living room and Cathleen asked me why my hairline was red. I was calm, but pretty concerned. The itching was just too much, so I washed it out early. It bleached my hair, and left no real irritation, but I will not be bleaching my hair again, I don't think.

Also, I have this journal entry I wrote while sitting on the beach yesterday. It's on my laptop, though, and I'm in Allendale (to pick up my freaking cell phone charger...what a lame reason to have to schlep over here) so I'll post it whenever I get back to NB.

Be well.

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