The New York Times, arguably the most respected newspaper in this country, if not the world, ran a front-page editorial today basically calling George W. Bush an utter moron ("He is a man who sometimes tortures the English language) . I have to agree.

There are so many things wrong with George W. Bush's speech at the Republican National Convention. So many things.

Do the American people want another eight years like these past eight? Hell yes. Economic prosperity and relative peace? Sure, gimme some of that.

School children must not face prejudice, example: smarter kids should not be segregated from intellectual equals because of age, forced to stay in a certain grade! he says. Yeah, so, gays can just deal without equal rights, but god forbid that genius 3rd grader be stuck in the regular reading class. The horror...

Also, social security. Choice is great, but in this instance, the system was created partly because, let's be honest, people are stupid. How many of us would choose to put money into SS when we could have it right away? But if we do that we face the risk of losing our money and having no SS when we retire and have to go on assistance, draining the economy. Great idea.

Oh, and, apparently, Vietnam taught the American people the cause must be just and the victory must be clear. That's certainly what I learned in history class.

And, of course, he mentioned his hometown's motto: The sky's the limit. I'll avoid the obvious how high can he go joke and just say, he must believe that motto. He has to...if he thinks six years in public office qualifies him to run for president of the United States. Go back to Texas and search for oil, GW.

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