While walking down College Ave. Candice and I are stopped by a shady crackhead asking for $3 "to get back home to Trenton." Apparently, she her things were robbed. Yeah. Go back to Clothier with the other Rutgers College druggies and leave me along, chick. Then we're harrassed by a man telling us we can make $5 for trying on cologne or some such nonsense. "It's beer money!" he says. My mini-crush from Spanish is walking in front of us, as well. We make idle chit-chat; instead of using the opportunity to be adorably charming and interesting I practically ignore said crush. Brilliant.

At Cafe 52 we run into Janet, a friend (of Candice's) from the freshman dorm. This little skater Asian girl is a total pothead space cadet (majoring in English and philosophy for god's sake.)

And I absolutely adore her.

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