So, first let me tell you that I ripped through two blue books for today's essay. I've never done that before. 11 pages on the first essay alone. The only reason for this insane exploration of Walter Lippman's "Public Opinion" as it releates to "The Selling of the President," "News From Nowhere," "Campaign America," Bill Cosby's 1970s documentary on black history and essay about the power and responsibility of the media, is that the professor wanted us to use the topic sheets he gave us last class. I had notes all over my sheets. Woo ha. Still doesn't guarantee an A, though...

While I was writing my thumb was throbbing...literally super tender and in all sorts of pain.


Because yesterday's Christmas party mystery afternoon was a bowling excursion. Kim hearded us into the conference room and passed out blue and black bowling shirts with our names on the front and the name of the company and website on the back. They are hilarious! I am all about wearing that bad boy around campus...perhaps to the New Year's Eve festivities...

Bowling. Well, I hadn't bowled in two years, but I get super competetive about team sports. And it didn't help much that I was on the CEO's team, so I was feeling the pressure to perform. So, keep in mind, I hadn't bowled in years. What was my score?

One. Seven. Five.

175, baby. Four strikes (including the big, fat turkey) and two spares. Rock on! My other scores were all over 100, as well. Not bad. But, using that heavy ball to perform such magic really destroyed my thumb.

Leave it to me to get injured while bowling...

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