I listed Julieta Venegas, whom I discovered last year while watching MTV's Spanish-language video channel, among my top 15 artists a few posts back. Well, I have to amend that post as I have a new favorite song: "Me Voy." I first heard the song, the first single from her upcoming CD, "Limon y sal," a few weeks ago and, frankly, wasn't super impressed. But after a couple of subsequent listens, I fell in love with it. And the video! Absolutely charming -- precioso, como escribi en su myspace, de verdad -- and beautiful, totally matching the spirit of the song, which is about a breakup but is also decidedly optimistic.

I love the beginning of the chorus for two reasons: It sounds so beautiful in Spanish (the rhythm, the rhyming of merezco and por eso) and is so touching in meaning. "No voy a llorar y decir que no merezco esto porque es probable que lo merezco pero no lo quiero por eso me voy" translates as "I'm not going to cry and tell you I don't deserve this because I probably do deserve this but I don't want it and that's why I'm leaving."

I don't know. I just love that.

Check out el video:

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