The two days were completely different. Wednesday was doomed from the start. I was awake at 5 a.m. to make it to the airport for a one-night cross-country trip I didn't want to take -- and didn't think I'd have to take! But alas, there I was, on a nightmare Delta flight that was delayed at SFO for more than an hour for the most insane reason: There was a backup at the check-in counter. WTF? I was on the plane on time, a full 30 minutes before it was to depart, but had to sit there for an extra hour as passengers slowly trickled in. The atmosphere was super tense because a dozen people wound up missing international connections in New York. Boo. (Also, as much as it pains me to admit this, I left my ipod on the plane -- FOR THE SECOND TIME IN A YEAR. Please shut the hell up about it.)

The delay meant I had to haul ass to the rental center and immediately book it to Westchester County, fighting rush-hour traffic. I arrived one minute before the meeting started (at 7 p.m.) and wasn't even given a chance to eat or put my things in my room. Instead, I sat for three and a half hours -- after sitting on a plane for eight hours and in a car for another hour and a half.

After the meeting, my only food option was a $20 lunch box (read: sandwich and snack). Then, finally in my room, I tried to get online to do work but my company email denies access after a certain hour. I was SOL.

The next day was fabulous, though. Free buffet breakfast, made it online to get a few things done, got to see a good friend, had a traffic-free drive to JFK (despite warnings that the U.S. Open would screw me), expensed some airplane grub and had an entire row to myself on a Song plane, which I loved. The first flight was in some Soviet-era contraption with crazy shaking TV sets screwed to the ceiling. The Song plane, on the other hand, had leather seats with more leg room and even better TV screens than Jetblue. These are touch screens that allow you to watch free TV, pay for new movies or listen to free radio (Sounds Eclectic even) and CDs. Love, love, loves it. Song even serves signature drinks, such as a mojito. Cool, no?

Anyway, I'm back in the Berk and am desperately trying to finish up a couple of stories and make it to a booze-filled weekend. Good times.

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